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Black Belt Class




What to Expect


During your first class, expect to begin working on Ukemi (rolling and falling) as well as being introduced to Yawara, fundamental arts which serve as a foundation for the Danzan Ryu system. Rolling and falling practice serves as a method of preparing the body for impact, developing fluidity in motion and allowing the student to begin to understand dynamic balance. 


While Ukemi develops the student's balance, Yawara teaches the concept of Kuzushi -- "breaking" the opponent's balance.  An attacker who is off balance cannot commit to the attack effectively and is more easily overcome.


The Yawara arts are the foundation for Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. They begin with the seven basic escapes from grabs and holds. The first technique, Katate Hazushi Ichi (Single Hand Escape One) teaches motions and principles which are fundamental throughout the entire system.


The concepts of balance and off balancing will continue throughout the system into the Nage (throwing) and Shime (choking and constrictions) lists and on into the upper black belt lists.

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